How & Why I Learned to Read Tarot

If I lived in the Magical World of Harry Potter, I would have been a Ravenclaw, & my favorite class would have been Divination. I would love to learn all the different methods of divining the past, present, & future. Potions would probably be a close 2nd, but that’s a nerdy story for another day. lol

I’m slowly starting to truly believe that I’m an empath. An empath has the ability to understand the mental or emotional state of another individual. Even though I’m not outwardly emotional, I can easily sense how others around me are feeling. I am easily drained in large crowds, especially when interacting with negative people. Strangers & acquaintances who don’t know me very well at all, usually ask for my advice or proactively reach out to me with gratitude for inspiring them. My intuition is usually accurate. Weather easily affects my mood. And I truly feel that my purpose in life is to help others. Now knowing this about myself, I pay more attention to someone’s energy & actions, not their words.

Last Halloween, my best friend read my cards for me in a mutual attempt to help me heal my heart as well as give me clarity & guidance. While I had some relief afterward, I didn’t understand or retain the meanings behind the cards that were pulled for me at a deeper level, which is most likely why the following week I was triggered & let my emotions get the best of me. Even after reflecting on my emotional triggers & mistakes, I wasn’t able to completely pinpoint why I reacted in the way that I did. So in an attempt to learn & understand my shadow self on a deeper level, I decided that I wanted to learn how to read Tarot.

I absolutely love to learn. I’m also fiercely independent & curious. I started by buying the Modern Witch Tarot Deck & the Modern Witch Tarot Journal from Amazon. Then I simply googled “How to read tarot cards” to start learning, since my cards & journal wouldn’t arrive for a couple of days. lol One idea that resonated with me was that all the answers you seek are already out in the universe. We can use Tarot cards to help harness & interpret the answers to our questions.

I’ve always believed in looking inward to find the solutions to my problems before reaching out to anyone else. As an empath, I’m fully aware of the potential effects of burdening someone else with my problems or negative energy. While I’m sure I could have easily paid someone else to read my Tarot cards, I genuinely believed that the answers to the questions I had were meant to be illuminated through introspection. Similar to how I wouldn’t go out searching for someone to tell me what was wrong with me, I didn’t believe that I could uncover my shadow self by paying someone else to look into my Soul. This was an internal battle that I needed to venture into on my own with strength & bravery.

As soon as my cards & journal arrived, I delved in deep, learning the meanings of each card in the upright as well as the reversals. I asked all sorts of questions: Yes/No, Why, How, Who, etc. Then noted down the denotative & connotative meanings of each card I pulled then used those meanings to interpret the potential answers I was seeking. With every new Tarot spread I tried, & with my questions answered by the Universe, I was able to find balance & hope for my future. 

The answers suddenly became clear to me. I needed to let go of my expectations in Love & leave my past behind me in order to step into a new beginning. My future is now whatever I make of it. I manifest what I desire to come into my life, & I don’t let my pride blind me from being compassionate towards others. Now, I’m here, fully embracing this new spiritual journey!

Are you considering learning how to read Tarot? Let me know about your personal experience in a comment below.

XO Denise

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