Alchemy & Transmutation

What do you think of when the topic of alchemy is mentioned? 

At its simplest definition, alchemy is the philosophy or science of transmuting base materials or metals, such as straw, lead, or copper, into silver or gold. Don’t get too excited or ahead of yourself – I’m not going to teach anyone how to turn ordinary things into money today. lol

Personally, I believe that alchemy at its source is the concept of transmutation. Last year on a long road trip to Portland, the topic of emotional transmutation came up during the car ride. While I fully understood the idea of transmutation at that time, I never found a need to proactively put it into practice. It wasn’t until I was deeply hurt by someone who I thought genuinely cared about me that I benefitted from its purpose. 

In the past, when my emotions became heightened & uncontrollable, I was desperate to find a way to channel my emotions into strength. One day, I suddenly recalled the transmutation conversation from last year. Your emotions can be extremely powerful. If you don’t have your emotions under control, they can cloud your judgment & overwhelm your mind, keeping you in a place of anger & sadness. I’m a firm believer that your mindset creates your reality. 

When your emotions are properly harnessed & transmuted, you can change them into whatever you need. You can change your anger into healthy boundaries. You can change your sadness into creativity. You can turn your pain into compassion & forgiveness. When you’re feeling lost & desperate, you have the power inside of you to turn any negative entities into inspiration & motivation to help you find your true path. 

Your emotions & your current situation may not be your fault at all, but if you take a step back, you’ll realize that how you’ve been treated by another person is their karma. But how you choose to react to their choices is yours. You can either respond as a victim, or you can take your power back, transmute it into something positive, & become an alchemist. 

Keep your peace. Save your energy. Let them walk away, forgive them with love, & learn from the experience. Turning your pain into passion through transmutation is the closest we as humans get to performing alchemy in our every day lives. 

Reflecting on my past, I may never get the apology or love that I wanted in return from the person who hurt me, but I’ve accepted that. I am thankful for how things transpired. I am at peace with my past now because I chose to keep going & become the true love of my own life. 

XO Denise

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