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Through my blog & intuitive card readings, I hope to help individuals heal their hearts & ease their minds. By sharing my thoughts & my story, I aspire to inspire others to live a happy life, filled with self-awareness & unconditional love.

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ancient ornamental wall in temple hall
Your Body is a Temple

Wait to give yourself to the right person, because your body is & will always be sacred. It is a privilege to achieve any level of intimacy with you, because not just anyone deserves to worship at your temple.

sunflower bouquet
Who Are You?

As the main character in the story of our own lives, we need to remember to embrace every chapter, every side character, & even our enemies to reach our full potential.


I was feeling stuck & unsure of myself prior to my cartomancy session with Denise. After the reading, I felt much more at ease, & a little more sure that I’m going down the right path. I’ve never had a cartomancy reading before, & I was really impressed with Denise’s knowledge & kind demeanor. I’d definitely consider another reading in the future!

Stephanie W. – Queens, NY

After Denise’s reading, the answer to my question hit. I have set myself up in a position that has opened up multiple pathways of abundance, & I need to allow myself to enjoy it instead of always planning my next step. Denise’s reading helped shift my perspective instantly, & brought the reassurance I was low-key seeking. Thank you, Denise!

Camila G. – Woodside, NY

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DISCLAIMER: Intuitive card readings are for entertainment purposes only, because I am not an accredited medical doctor. I offer advice with compassion, but intuitive card readings are not a substitute for professional legal, financial, or psychiatric services.