Spiritual Traps

Despite being an Economics major, I took Philosophy, Cognitive Science, & Psychology courses when I was in college. I’ve always been interested in the mind & the brain. If you’re not familiar, Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, & existence. Cognitive Science is the study of thought, learning, & mental organization. Psychology is the study of the human mind & its functions, specifically focusing on behavior. While my spiritual journey has had its ups & downs, the knowledge that I’ve retained has definitely helped me identify spiritual traps.

Similar to my last blog, most people tend to identify & react from their ego. It’s important to recognize that feeding your ego actually harnesses unhealed trauma & keeps you stuck in lower vibrations. Think of the ego as your sense of self, which is primarily focused on YOU. Think “I” statements. i.e. “I am a Social Media Influencer.” “I drive a BMW & only wear designer labels.” “I think my beliefs & opinions are more important than anyone else’s.” The truth is when you’re able to take a step back & separate from your ego, you can connect to higher vibrations & your higher self.

With this in mind, here are some spiritual traps to look out for on your spiritual journey:

I am “Good” & everyone else is “Evil”  

Just because you don’t agree with someone’s words or actions doesn’t automatically make them a bad person. To tune into your higher self, you need to learn to take a step back before you judge & try to understand how things may be from their point of view. Do your best to have compassion with everyone you meet, even your enemies. If you want to feel seen, heard, & validated, give that same courtesy & respect to others.  

Identifying yourself as a “Spiritual Person”    

Your spiritual journey is about the journey itself. Choosing to outwardly identify as a “Spiritual Person” is just another way of fueling your ego. The real goal should always be learning who you are & why you act the way you do. The truth is that you are not better or worse than any other individual. We all have our own journeys to fulfill. We’re all learning. While some people may be vibrating higher than others, people with lower vibrations probably need the most love & understanding. You are not God. Humble yourself. 

Seeking “Love & Light”    

Again, your primary focus should be on learning & healing. Seeking to be seen as someone filled with “Love & Light” is just another mask that feeds your ego. Don’t worry about how you appear to others. Focus on what you’re learning. Reflect. Feel your emotions, whether it’s fear, anger, guilt, or past trauma. Come to terms with your shadow self & slowly but surely take the steps you need to heal & move forward. Send love into the universe with no expectations. Forgive yourself, & forgive others. You are not your past or your mistakes. You’re human. Striving to do better & be better is more important than staying stagnant & ashamed. You don’t need to live in fear of making the same mistakes. Choose to love & change for the better over fear.  

Acting “Nice”    

Most of us are raised to have good manners by parents, teachers, mentors, etc. But pretending to be “nice” for the approval of others is actually a sign of psychological immaturity. If you’re acting too nice, it’s usually a sign that you’re being manipulated or have been manipulated in the past. Know that you’re allowed to be nice when you want to be in the appropriate situations. But if you’re being disrespected or mistreated, you can still stand up for yourself, be strong & assertive, while still being kind. There’s no need to be fake. Be honest & speak with love & self-respect. 

Secretly believing that you’re better than others    

Hopefully, you see the trend here. Stray away from any behaviors that inflate your ego. Your spiritual journey is about grounding yourself as a human. If you’re using your spirituality as a way to secretly disassociate, judge, or create a false sense of self to the world, you’re not connecting with your higher self. 

Remember, your spiritual journey should always come from a place of love. When you proactively give love to others, it comes back to you with abundance. When you create a facade or try to steal the happiness & energy of others, you’ll only end up draining & hurting yourself. Only light can drive out darkness. Continuing to stay in the shadows will reap karma. 

I do apologize in advance if any of these spiritual traps are triggering to you, it may be a sign that you’re an emotional vampire. (Do you purposefully try to steal light, luck, or energy from others? If so, consider why you do this.) Recognizing your triggers is another important thing to look out for. They help identify the shadow aspects of yourself that still need healing. Keep grounding yourself, be authentic, & do your best to be a good person. When you love yourself as well as others, the universe will reward you.

Please don’t blame yourself if you’re unable to release any limiting beliefs or vices quickly. Your spiritual journey is not supposed to happen overnight. In fact, if you think you’ve already reached enlightenment, please take it as a sign that you have a lot more work to do. Do your best to love & accept others exactly as they are. What you dislike in others is probably something that triggers your past trauma or highlights insecurity that you’ve failed to address. At our highest vibration, individuals are kind, forgiving, & understanding. We love & value ourselves, & we accept others for who they are without expectations or judgment.

Have you fallen for any Spiritual Traps? Don’t be ashamed. I still love you for trying. It’s all part of the journey.

XO Denise

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