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Give From The Heart

The holiday season is upon us! I’m still proactively Christmas shopping, which inspires today’s blog post. I personally love giving my family, friends, and loved ones gifts. When it comes to compiling my shopping list and choosing the perfect gift, it’s easiest when I give from the heart.

How do you “Give From The Heart”?

To give from the heart, choose what you know the other person will love rather than what you love. In the process of finding gifts for others, more often than not people end up buying something they actually want. In turn, they’re basically expecting their recipient to want what they would want to receive. Similar to catering to someone’s love language, personalize your gifts to the person you’re giving to.

Give From The Heart Example

When I spend quality time with my loved ones, I do my best to always intently listen and remember our intimate conversations. This way, I can recall specific things that they like or even better, if they say exactly what they want to buy themselves one day. For example, my friend and I spoke about the reasoning behind his newest tattoo, which was a Daruma Doll. To quickly sum up our conversation, his new tattoo only had the left eye filled in. Daruma dolls are used for goal setting, by painting in the left eye. Then, once the desired goal is achieved, the right eye is filled in. For his birthday, I bought him a real Daruma Doll in his favorite color. Even though it was a small and very cheap gift, he loved it.

Why should you “Give From The Heart”?

Giving from the heart puts others before yourself. It makes every gift you give someone special. And most importantly, it feels good. When you give from the heart, you’re also showing the recipient how well you listen, know them, and appreciate having them in your life.

XO Denise

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