Everything is a Test

One of my biggest fears in life is failure. I have recurring nightmares of being back in school. It can be high school or college. But usually, I’m about to take a test that I’m unprepared for because I haven’t attended the class for the entire semester. As a perfectionist, passing tests with flying colors, getting good grades, meeting deadlines, & accomplishing my goals within a specific timeline are important to me. It may just be my perfectionism, but I believe everything is a test.

Dreams about Tests & School

As I mentioned previously, I’m a very vivid dreamer. I love keeping track of my dreams then interpreting them as soon as I wake up. On Sunday, May 23rd, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius through October 10th, 2021. Saturn is the planet of karma & life lessons. My recurring nightmares of being back in school are picking up, which I believe is directly related to Saturn’s retrograde. I love being prepared for tests, so it seems only natural that the universe is reminding me to be ready.

I haven’t been in school in over a decade. Dreaming about school often relates to unresolved issues from that time in your life, coming back as life lessons so can learn from them. They can represent personal growth & the need to learn about a hidden part of yourself. You’re at a turning point of your life where you need to expand your knowledge on a current circumstance or future situation. Dreaming of taking a test signifies insecurities, fear of not meeting expectations, & fear of failure.

Similar to final grades school or Annual Performance reviews at work, Saturn showcases the highlights of last year & tests you. If you’ve done well for yourself & show that you’ve learned your karmic lessons, Saturn is here to reward you. You’ll clearly see how you’ve grown & changed for the better. Then, Saturn how you the next steps forward on your journey to ensure it’s smooth sailing. If you’re still in lower vibrations & reliving your past mistakes, Saturn forces you to face your problems head-on. It then launches you into the next chapter of your life, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Saturn’s Karmic Lessons

If you’ve been contemplating quitting your job or ending a relationship, during this retrograde, Saturn may decide for you. You could get fired from your job or find out unforgivable secrets. It’s time to grow up & make decisions for the greater good of everyone involved. If you’ve made mistakes, choose to accept your past for what it is, forgive yourself, & try to make things right with anyone you’ve hurt.

Are you ready to be tested by Saturn? These next six months are what you make of it. Accept that everything is a test. But if you stay mindful & present, act wisely, & consider the benefit of others before yourself when making decisions, you have nothing to worry about.

XO Denise


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