Love is Laughter

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Successful relationships & a shared sense of humor go hand in hand. I absolutely love to laugh & my day doesn’t feel complete without it. I can’t imagine being stuck in a relationship that I have to fake smiles & laughter to pretend that my partner is hilarious when they’re really not. From past personal experience, I know in my heart that I could never settle for a dull, stoic life, even if my partner was very wealthy & promised to provide me with a fancy, stable lifestyle for the rest if my life. While I covered the Five Love Languages in a past blog post, I truly believe that laughter is the sixth & most important love language of all.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, happiness & laughter are important to maintain throughout your lifetime for your mental health. I have so many past, memorable laughing moments where I was crying, about to pee my pants, falling off chairs, & barely able to breathe. lol My family & closest friends will tell you that I have four distinct laughs. But being introverted, only the special, select few are able to get close enough to me to make me laugh enough times to hear all of them. As my esteemed blog readers, you may never hear them, but I’ll share them with you now.

  1. The Pity Laugh
    • This is the laugh that I use to be polite because I know how embarrassing it can be to have a joke fall flat. It’s quick & subtle, & simply recognizes when someone tried their best to be funny. While its intention is to be kind & humor someone, I really do hate to use this laugh. It doesn’t feel genuine, so when I laugh this way, I can’t help but wonder if the recipient can tell that I don’t actually think they’re funny.
  2. The Quick Giggle
    • This laugh is when something is funny, but the situation or location I’m in prevents me from laughing to my full extent. If I’m at a library, museum, or a fancy restaurant, I know to mind my manners & only laugh as much as is socially acceptable. This one also usually causes me to contract & hold in my abs, like a quick ab workout. lol
  3. The Long & Loud Laugh
    • This laugh is when I’m in the privacy of my home or at a friend, family, or significant other’s home when watching funny movies, TV shows, or sharing funny stories. When something is really funny to me, I can’t hold in my laughter, so it usually comes out with gusto. I love being able to laugh freely with others that I love & trust who won’t make me feel embarrassed for laughing to my full extent.
  4. The Can’t Stop, Can’t Breathe, Crying, & about to Pee My Pants Laugh
    • This laugh is when something is so funny that I can no longer control my bodily functions. I lose myself in all of my senses. I am so fully consumed by my laughter that it’s practically orgasmic. I can clearly recall every single time I’ve laughed like this. The last time was while playing Bananagrams with my family in South Lake Tahoe, & the time before that was camping in Mendocino joking about wood, while I was bundled in a blanket around a campfire eating perfectly toasted s’mores.

As a love language, laughter can come in many forms, & you don’t even need to be directly near your partner to give it to them. When a couple share the same sense of humor, they’re able to continuously create humor & joy throughout their time together in a relationship. Laughter can be expressed through jokes, reminiscing on funny past experiences, playful banter or teasing, funny memes, funny videos, etc.

In a healthy & strong relationship, couples can constantly banter back & forth & tease each other without one party getting deeply offended or upset, because they share the same sense of humor. They create & have lots of shared inside jokes as well as plenty of funny past experiences to reminisce on together, because every moment together is a new opportunity to have fun. They’ll want to sporadically send each other funny memes & videos that remind them of each other. And even when COVID-19 stay-at-home orders keep them apart, they’ll still want to Snapchat each other, send silly, animated Memojis through text, or joke about their day-to-day with each other on FaceTime.

When you’re with the right person, every moment should be filled with laughter. And even in the moments when you’re forced to be apart, the mere thought of them should still put a smile on your face. What good is having a beautiful house, a fancy car, or having more money than you could possibly spend in a lifetime if you feel lonely & unhappy in your relationship. Money can’t buy you love, so find a romantic partner, who makes you truly happy, to create fun-filled memories & laugh with for the rest of your lifetime. Unless you’ve chosen to learn nothing from fairytales, how else do you expect to live “Happily Ever After”?

XO Denise

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