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Quality over Quantity

On February 16th, about a month & a half into the New Year, I officially diagnosed myself with writer’s block. lol I knew that I was bound to run out of steam eventually, & a month & a half into the new year is not bad at all! Luckily, I schedule my blog posts several weeks in advance, so I do have some time to get my mojo back. With today’s blog scheduled, I’m currently pre-scheduled through mid-March. I’m spending the 1st week of March in Lake Tahoe to celebrate with my family for my mom’s birthday on March 4th. I won’t have as much time to write this week, because I intend to fully unplug during my quality family time. With that said, I’ve decided to shift from my usual three blog posts per week, down to two blog posts per week, posting every Monday & Friday.

When I was a little girl, I loved going to Dollar stores. I would eagerly go through every aisle picking out the most random knick-knacks because I knew my mom couldn’t use the excuse that what I wanted was “too expensive”. My sister on the other hand would never want anything. When our uncle would take us shopping, it would be the same way. I would pick out a few things that I wanted, & my sister wouldn’t want anything. Little did I know, that at the end of the day, my mom and my uncle would always give my sister cash instead, out of fairness. Cash that she, in turn, saved to purchase something that she did want that was a much higher value & lasted much longer in her life than my random knick-knacks existed in mine. lol

As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned the value of working hard for your money. Then ensuring that you spend or invest that money wisely. And that’s where quality over quantity comes in. I’m not the same little girl who would buy $100 worth of random knick-knacks from the dollar store anymore. lol By decreasing the number of blog posts that I post each week, I hope to lighten my evening workload & give myself more time to continue delivering quality content week after week.

While I’ve always been a good writer, the effort, planning, & time that I put into each blog post I write is extremely important to me. In high school, I could write an essay in 30 minutes like it was nothing. But as a perfectionist, I would NEVER post a blog that wasn’t up to my standards, just like everything else in my life. I keep a very small, close circle of friends, & I’m very deliberate about who I allow to get close to me.

To have an abundant life, you need to have an abundant mindset & surround yourself with an abundant environment. If you invest in your life with quality people, mindful shopping, meaningful experiences, & true unconditional love, I promise you that you will eventually have the happy, abundant lifestyle that you seek.

XO Denise

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