Spiritual Cleansing

Have you ever played the video game Kingdom Hearts? It’s a Disney & Square Enix collaborated video game about a boy named Sora, who is sent on a quest to save the Seven Princesses of Heart after his world is destroyed by dark creatures called the “Heartless.” An evil being named Ansem hopes to use the princesses’ hearts of pure light to open the Door to Darkness & gain power to rule over all worlds. I used to watch my brother play this video game for hours on end. In my mind, the Heartless truly represent the darkness that exists in our world. While my focus these past few months has been on battling my own inner darkness & transmuting it into light, I’m not naive. Every entity has its opposite, so I recognize that darkness will always still lurk & exist, despite my best efforts. And that’s why spiritual cleansing is so important to me.

In early December, I ordered an Energy Wellness Bundle from Camaya Healing. I’m a firm believer in supporting small businesses, & Camila is a personal friend & former colleague of mine, who also recently did an Akashic Records Reading for me that I will discuss in a future blog post.

I am not a smoker, so I’ve never been handy with a lighter. lol My dad made fun of me at a party once as I was struggling to light my own birthday candles, saying “Ow… Ow… Ow…” over & over again, trying to not burn myself. lol

I know that burning sage aka “smudging” is a common practice for spiritual cleansing, but I personally can’t imagine forcing myself to struggle every day with a lighter. lol If you’re wondering, I do use longer lighters or matches to light the candles in my home. But playing with fire, both literally or figuratively in general, is just something that I’ve tried to stay away from my entire life.

The Energy Wellness Bundle includes two sprays that were created with the intention to support self-healing & enhance spirituality practices. I personally use them to help me stay grounded, cleanse & purify my space, & allow me to connect to my higher self as well as the Divine. The Energy Wellness bundle includes the following:

  • Super Liquid Smudge 4 oz
    • Not only does this spray smell amazing, but it’s also great for cleansing, protection, & divination practices. I spray this on myself when I need to clear my energy. And I also use it to clear the energy of my apartment, my manifestation altar, my Tarot reading space, & my water-safe crystals. 
  • Kuan Yin’s Essence 4 oz
    • This spray clears the air for peaceful meditation, sleep, & attracting loving energies. It opens energetic pathways to attract more love & clarity within. It is gentle, safe, & natural for children & pets as well. I spray it on my Tarot reading space, my manifestation altar, & myself when I need a boost of love. It also comes with a personalized healing prayer/affirmation to recite.

I know that there’s the saying that like attracts like, but I also truly believe that light attracts dark & vice versa. It’s important to me to always protect my light, my love, & my home. When I can sense dark energies begin to creep in or my pug, Pogi, starts to bark at nothing, I immediately know that it’s time for another spiritual cleanse. lol

Please check out Camaya Healing for your own sprays or even book a reading with her. She has generously given me the code “DENISE10” for my blog readers to use, so I highly recommend checking out her site in the near future!

XO Denise

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