I am so grateful for every person who comes across my website or any of my social media channels seeking advice. Here’s a collection of personal testimonials from my past clients. I hope they inspire you to book your own personal reading! XO

Stephanie W.

Queens, New York

I was feeling stuck & unsure of myself prior to my cartomancy session with Denise. After the reading, I felt much more at ease, & a little more sure that I’m going down the right path. I’ve never had a cartomancy reading before, & I was really impressed with Denise’s knowledge & kind demeanor. I’d definitely consider another reading in the future!

Zoom Cartomancy Reading – April 2021

Camila G.

Woodside, New York

After Denise’s reading, the answer to my question hit. I have set myself up in a position that has opened up multiple pathways of abundance, & I need to allow myself to enjoy it instead of always planning my next step. Denise’s reading helped shift my perspective instantly, & brought the reassurance I was low-key seeking. Thank you, Denise!

PDF Three Tarot Card Reading – February 2021

iMessage Six Tarot Card Reading – March 2021

Stephanie M.

San Jose, California

Denise’s reading really helped ease my mind. Her reading was dead-on to the emotions I am feeling & opened my eyes to another point of view. It helped me answer questions about my situation, reassured me I am on the right path & I’m making the right decisions. Thank you, Denise!

Slack Six Tarot Card Reading & Three Oracle Love Messages – February 2021

Jessie W.

Oakland, California

Denise’s reading for my birthday was great. I definitely agree that I spent last year connecting to my inner child & a lot of memories of the past have been coming back to me randomly. I have been feeling like I need to make a change career-wise, so that definitely got close to home as well! Thanks, Denise!

iMessage Six Tarot Card Reading – February 2021