photo of night sky

My New Moon Rituals

I was born on January 2nd at 8:45 pm. Growing up, my parents would often talk about the night that I was born. Because, unlike my siblings, I’m the only one born at night. I have a deep love of staring at the moon & the night sky filled with stars & singing Somewhere Out There by James Ingram from one of my favorite childhood films, An American Tail. Even while looking in the mirror at my beautiful face, I see the moon in my birthmark & the stars in my freckles. Tomorrow, May 11th at 7:00 pm UTC is a New Moon in Taurus, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to share my new moon rituals to inspire you to create your own.

The new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, so it’s all about new beginnings & opportunities. It’s a great time to welcome all things new as well as set new goals or start new projects. With this in mind, here are my New Moon rituals:

Set Intentions & Refresh Manifestations

The New Moon is the best time to set new intentions & manifest! It’s the birth of a new lunar cycle, bursting with vibrant & magical energies. If you’ve never manifested before, I highly recommend doing it under every month’s new moon to bring your dreams into reality. I write my manifestations down with a pen & paper. I am as specific with my intentions, as possible without infringing on the free will of others, because I prefer to manifest for the greater good. Every night & morning, before saying my manifestations, I start by saying “This or something better now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.”

Light a candle

Once my intentions are set & I’ve written my manifestations with a pen & paper, I recite my manifestation under the moonlight & light a candle. I then let the candle burn through the night & allow it to extinguish on its own.


I spiritually cleanse my home, using my Camaya Healing sprays. (10% OFF with the code: DENISE10) Focus on the front door to your home & the most used doorways to welcome new & positive energies into your life. I also clean myself. I love taking a spiritual bath surrounded by crystals & candles to cleanse my body & my surrounding energies.

Embrace the New

Every New Moon, I embrace each & every new person, opportunity, & blessing that comes my way. New clients seem to somehow find me under the energy of the new moon. I’ve already had three reading requests this week. Having a welcoming & grateful mindset allows you to attract new & positive entities.

New Moon Manifestation Tarot Reading

Even though I prefer to not read my own cards if I can help it, I make an exception under the New Moon & the Full Moon. For the New Moon, I do a 6 card Tarot spread from Biddy Tarot to look into my own energy to see the following:

  1. What have I released?
  2. Where am I now?
  3. What is emerging within me?
  4. What do I wish to grow?
  5. How can I bring my goals and intentions to fruition?
  6. What additional resources are available to me as I manifest my goals?

As a writer, I envision my life as a story. Every New Moon is the beginning of a new chapter, & every Full Moon is the climax of that chapter. Each lunar cycle gives us an opportunity to create the abundant, beautiful, & happy life that we desire. It’s just up to us to embrace each new beginning as it arrives. If you’re feeling called to book a New Moon Manifestation Tarot reading with me, you can do that here.

Do you have any personal New Moon rituals? Let me know all about them in a comment below. I hope you enjoyed learning about my New Moon rituals as much as I loved sharing them.

XO Denise