My Akashic Records

In January, I woke up one morning feeling compelled to book an Akashic Records reading with Camila of Camaya Healing. To put it simply, the Akashic Records are a vast database of what will happen, is happening, or has happened in all the co-existing universes. I was eager to learn about my past lives, so this was a sign from the universe to finally book a reading. And so that morning, I scheduled my Akashic Records General Reading for Friday, 1/22/21 at 8 am PST.

I did a lot of research before my Akashic Records reading to ensure that I got the most out of the experience. I also took the time to write down a list of questions that I wanted to ask. The overall experience was amazing, enlightening, & I highly recommend it if you’re particularly curious about your past lives too. Here are the questions & answers from my Akashic Records reading:

Who are my Spirit Guides/Ascended Masters?

My two primary ascended masters are Kuan Yin & Chang’e. Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion, love, healing & abundance. Chang’e is the moon goddess of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Feel free to Google their individual stories, but if I feel compelled, I may also write future blog posts on each of them as well. Since discovering Kuan Yin & Chang’e, I speak to them by name & ask them directly to help clarify the messages I receive during my intuitive card readings.

How many past lives do I have?

I have lived 33 lives. I originated as an Andromedan Starseed from the Andromeda galaxy, & my soul reincarnated here on Earth to help humanity. In another significant past life, I lived as an Astrologer in the middle east & spoke Hebrew. I wanted to teach Astrology, specifically how the positioning of the stars & planets affect human behavior & what is happening in the world. Obviously, at that time in history, people did not want to listen to me, so I was banished to the desert to live alone because of my “devil” work.

What are my gifts?

As I predicted, I am an empath. I am also a psychic healer who can see, hear, & feel the energy surrounding a person’s situation using my intuition. Being able to see aura colors is another gift that I possess, & I’m also able to do candle spell work, which is something that I still haven’t tapped into.

How can I use my gifts to benefit the world & humanity?

According to the Akashic Records, I’ve already started by sharing my blog posts, creating my new Instagram community: xodenisejoyce, as well as my offering my intuitive card readings. But in order to get to the next level of my journey, I need to have faith & believe in this new venture. As a psychic healer, I help others heal their hearts & minds with my gifts. In the past, I struggled to stay consistent with projects. This is what I’m meant to do now, which is why creating new content feels effortless. All I have to do is trust in my abilities & continue to take the leap of faith.

Are you interested in learning about your past lives & personal Akashic Records? If so, please do check out the offerings at Camaya Healing, & let Camila know that I sent you. I highly recommend, Camila. Not only do we share the same birthday, but she’s also such an inspiring & beautiful soul.

XO Denise

burning candles near tarot cards on table

Interviewing My Tarot Cards

I came across this Tarot spread on Pinterest a few months ago about interviewing my Tarot cards, & it immediately fascinated me. While some of you may believe that inanimate objects don’t have a soul or energy, considering that I use my cards almost every day as a tool to channel my intuition, I consider my Tarot card decks to be more of a co-worker or even a business partner, unlike a desk or office chair. With that in mind, it seems only natural to want to do an interview with them.

My Interview with my Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle
  1. The Deck (Queen of Wands)
    • My Modern Witch Tarot deck is bold, intuitive, & in touch with both dark & light energies.
  2. How the deck wants to be used (The World)
    • It wants to travel the world with me to help humanity close out their toxic cycles & heal their hearts.
  3. What the deck thinks of You (Nine of Cups reversed)
    • My deck thinks I focus on teaching others how to improve their inner happiness right now. It also thinks I’m manifesting for the good of everyone in the world rather than focusing on what I want right now.
  4. Collaboration (Two of Pentacles)
    • It wants to collaborate by keeping my priorities in alignment. It wants me to ensure I manage my time & adapt as needed.
  5. Mindset (Three of Pentacles)
    • My deck’s mindset is collaborative. It’s open to the implementation of new Tarot decks & practices as I continue to learn.
  6. Cleansing (Knight of Pentacles)
    • It encourages me to cleanse by working hard to stay productive, but it also wants me to establish a routine, be conservative with my energy, & rest as needed.
  7. Meditation (Four of Swords)
    • It wants me to rest, relax, & meditate. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I need to remember to relax.
  8. Ritual (Five of Pentacles reversed)
    • By rejecting my gifts in the past, I went through a spiritual awakening, to bring myself out of spiritual poverty.

My Interview with my Tarot of Sexual Magic Deck

Tarot of Sexual Magic by Laura Tuan
  1. The Deck (Queen of Wands)
    • My Tarot of Sexual Magic deck is fiery, passionate, & expressive.
  2. How the Deck wants to be used (Temperance reversed)
    • It wants to help individuals self-heal by encouraging balancing their emotions.
  3. What the Deck thinks of you (The Fool)
    • My deck sees me as confident, positive, & unstoppable. Conflict & haters can’t shake me anymore. I know who I am, what is for me, & what is not.
  4. Collaboration (Three of Chalices reversed)
    • It does not want to collaborate with other Tarot decks. It only wants to work with the necessary oracle cards to help individuals face their problems & break toxic behaviors.
  5. Mindset (The Sun)
    • My deck is filled with positivity & good vibes. It wants to help bring happiness to others.
  6. Cleansing (Seven of Swords)
    • It wants to inspire individuals to move on to happier days after betrayal. It only takes courage to embrace the next chapter towards their new freedom.
  7. Meditation (Seven of Chalices)
    • My deck wants to remind me to take things slowly. My intuition will continue to blossom over time.
  8. Ritual (The Moon)
    • It wants to be recharged under the Full Moon, & it wants to be used regularly around the lunar calendar.

The Overall Outcome

Overall, interviewing my Tarot card decks was very enlightening. It’s fascinating that both of my Tarot decks identify as the Queen of Swords. I do hope to buy more Tarot & Oracle decks in the future. I know that each deck will be different & want to be used in different ways, so I’m very eager to interview all my future decks too.

Do you read Tarot or use Oracle cards? Have you interviewed your cards or would you consider interviewing them in the future? Let me know in a comment below.

XO Denise

ace king jack and king of hearts playing cards

No Tarot? No Problem.

Every two weeks, I have a Sunday family dinner with my siblings at my parent’s house. Last month, I discovered that I’m not special at all when it comes to teaching myself how to read Tarot cards. lol In fact, I learned that both my Dad & my grandmother know how to read standard playing cards, which I found incredibly fascinating. Today, I’m super eager to inform you that you don’t need Tarot cards to look into your past, present, or future.

When my Dad was younger, he taught himself how to read cards as well as how to read palms, just like I did when I was in high school. My mom told me about a memory she had that whenever it looked like my grandma was playing solitaire, she was actually reading her own cards. My dad gave me a brand new deck of cards that he got from a casino as a present before dinner, so I could start learning ASAP. I’ve spent this month learning how to read playing cards, & last Sunday, my dad also showed me our family’s most used card spread. I then read my siblings’ & my brother’s fiancé’s cards as practice.

Historians believe that the 52 cards in a single deck of playing cards represent the 52 weeks in a year. The 13 cards per suit represent the 13 lunar cycles in a year, & the 4 card suits represent the 4 seasons in a year. Much like Tarot cards, each face card, card suit, & card number has a meaning. While Tarot card readings take into account reversals, since playing cards are mirror images, there’s no real way to know if a card should be considered “reversed”. Depending on your energy or the energy of the person you’re reading, I suggest using your intuition & knowledge on the current situation or question being asked.


Hearts: Love & Relationships (Cups/Months/Summer)

Diamonds: Financial Issues (Pentacles/Years/Winter)

Spades: Conflict & Suffering (Swords/Weeks/Autumn)

Clubs: Big Life Changes (Wands/Days/Spring)


Ace: New Beginnings, Growth, Potential, & Opportunities (Missed Opportunities, Bad Timing, & Lack of Direction)

Two: Balance & Cooperation (Disharmony & Lack of Planning)

Three: Connection & Sharing (Loss & Unexpected Delays)

Four: Stability & Solid Foundation (Instability & Conflict with Others)

Five: Conflict & Competition (Avoiding conflict & Tension)

Six: Flow, Patterns, & Communication (Ignorance)

Seven: Mystery & Change (Stagnation)

Eight: Harmony, Health, & Time (Imbalance)

Nine: Growth & Wish Fulfillment (Disappointment & Idealism)

Ten: Completion (Resistance)

Jack: Jacks represent immature, young adults, or children. They are similar to a page in Tarot. They can represent small gestures or the start of something new. Jacks can also be considered as a messenger of inner thoughts, similar to a knight in Tarot.

Queen: Queens represent women, divine feminines, karmic partners, etc. of any age. They can represent motherhood & love, as well as nurturing, creativity, & introspection. Queens denote growth & personal power. They’re about emotions, intuition, & healing. 

King: Kings are grown men or younger men who are mature for their age or are burdened by responsibilities. They denote mastery, authority, control & leadership. Kings are protective & commanding, but they can also be demanding, possessive, aggressive & overbearing, depending on the suit & surrounding cards.  


Hearts:  Emotional, creative, romantic, compassionate, generous, sensitive, nurturing, dependable, protective, or moody.

Diamonds: Independent, extravagant, impulsive, impatient, optimistic, dynamic, restless, analytical, intelligent, or high strung.

Spades: Powerful, intense, demanding, controlling, secretive, possessive, charming, mysterious, calculating, or detached.

Clubs: Practical, friendly, reliable, trustworthy, helpful, ambitious, enthusiastic, sensible, stable, or stubborn.

With all of the information above in mind, you can try any card spread, depending on your situation/question. Here are my favorite Tarot spreads to use from Pinterest. I would share my family’s most used card spread, but I’ve decided that it shall remain a family secret that I want to pass down to my own children one day as well as future generations. I hope this blog helps anyone who has been interested in Cartomancy, but hasn’t had the courage to pick up a Tarot or Oracle card deck yet. If you’ve been waiting for a sign from the universe to finally learn, this is it! Grab a deck of cards & let me know how it goes in a comment below.

XO Denise



Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had very vivid & elaborate dreams. There was a time where I kept a dream journal by my bedside, & I wrote down all of my dreams as soon as I woke up so that I can revisit my notes & evaluate them later on in the day. I even have old notes in my iPhone from years ago with dreams that would make for great dystopian movie screenplays, but I’ll keep those to myself just in case I want to switch careers in the future. lol Recently, I’ve been reflecting on this one particular dream that I had last Summer.

It all started at a Casino with my boyfriend & I gambling on slot machines. He had mentioned that he wanted to go to one with me several times before, so we decided to make the road trip. Upon winning a huge jackpot, I eagerly made my way to cash out my winnings only to have everything that I had earned taken from me. I was then detained & separated from my boyfriend for an indefinite period of time. Time always seems to standstill in my dreams.

When I was finally released, I was stripped of all of my belongings & sent back out in the world in my underwear. In a panic, I frantically ran through woods & darkness until I happened upon shelter & clothing.

After putting on clothes, I slowly made my way towards a bright light, glimmering in the distance. As I got closer, I realized that the light was actually a building. Upon further investigation, I learned that it was a behavioral testing facility, comparing various levels of hospitality. There were three groups that were being experimented on in the building, but the groups weren’t allowed to interact with one another.

The first group was over-indulgent hospitality. Everything that they wanted was handed to them without any required effort or hard work. They had an unlimited budget. They were catered to & waited on, hand & foot. They would lounge around all day, eating snacks, watching TV, & sleeping. They could have or do anything that they wanted, not realizing that it was slowly causing them to become useless blobs of human existence.

The second group was strict hospitality. Their basic needs were provided: food, shelter, & a decent spending budget. But they were also forced to lift weights & run every day, & they were each assigned a specific trade to learn. They were only given one hour every day to explore a creative outlet: drawing, painting, music, etc. They would be punished anytime they wouldn’t follow orders & told that they were never allowed to leave.

The third group was enterprise hospitality. They were taught choreography then were required to perform & would be tested on what they learned throughout the day. If they performed well, they would be given everything that they wanted, but if at any time they made a mistake, they would be punished & warned to not repeat the same mistake again. After too many mistakes, they would be forced to leave with nothing.

Being a trained dancer, I snuck my way into the third group. Knowing in my heart that my boyfriend was somewhere in this facility, there was absolutely no way I was leaving until I found him. After learning & performing my choreography perfectly, I was told that I would be rewarded. They quickly discovered that I snuck into the testing facility & didn’t belong there. I was placed in a room & told that if I could choose my boyfriend with absolute certainty then I would be allowed to leave with him without being followed.

Four men then entered the room. They all looked & dressed very similar to my boyfriend, but I personally can recognize his pheromones anywhere, like a moth to a flame. As I approached each of the four men, I knew immediately that this was a trick. I began to argue & refused to choose from the men that they were showing to me. And that’s when I did see him, running past the building through a small, side window.

He was placed in the second group. They had cut his hair & shaved his face. They even forced him to wear contacts, but I knew in my heart that it was him. I ran out of the room, as his group was returning from their run about to start their creative hour. His face looked shocked & confused when he turned to look at me, so I asked, “Do you know who I am?” He shook his head no, & my heart broke. He was brainwashed or under some type of spell.

Then to my surprise, he took my hand & lead me inside saying, “I honestly don’t know who you are, but every day, I draw you.” We turned the corner, & I saw what he meant with my own eyes. He had piles of sketches of me from each day that he had been there at the facility. I wrapped my arms around him & pulled him in close, & that’s when I woke up, my eyes already welling up with tears.

This is how I interpreted my dream:

To me, the varying levels of hospitality represented childhood upbringings. Some individuals come from more privileged circumstances. Others will suffer in silence or have to work really hard for what they want out of life. Usually dreaming about a casino represents good luck & quick fortune, but that also comes with great risks. Being naked involves feeling vulnerable in your current situation, & being detained indicates forced life changes that are beyond your control. We all work hard to always be seen as perfect. You’ll usually be given the basics to survive, but we all face receiving what we want out of life at different costs. So enjoy your happiness, however brief it may have been, because sometimes, you’ll be forced into new situations that require you to forget about everything & everyone that once truly mattered to you.

Even though I grew up loving the idea of magic, I never actually considered myself to be clairvoyant. But reflecting back on my dream now, though my life didn’t play out exactly as it did in my dream, it definitely feels like it was a premonition from the universe of what was coming in the Fall.

Your dreams can have deeper meanings if you pay close attention. While I don’t keep a dream journal anymore, I do still write down my dreams & evaluate them when I have one that particularly stands out to me. Do you pay attention to your dreams? Have any of your dreams come true, for better or for worse?

XO Denise

Exploring your Shadow Self

While teaching myself how to read Tarot cards in November, I came across a Pinterest post about shadow cards. The shadow card is the card at the bottom of your deck & represents your innermost hopes & fears. This is why I always include the shadow card in my Tarot Card of the Day Instagram posts. Psychologically, our shadow is a catchall term for our dark behaviors that others & sometimes we are not even aware of in ourselves. Inspired by the shadow card of my Tarot card readings, I finally started my shadow work to face my fears & inner demons in December.

For a very long time, I was comfortable being labeled as a “Mean Girl”. I didn’t care if I came off as a bitch, & I always rationalized my bad behaviors. I would tell myself things like “It’s fine because they’re stupid & don’t even know what they’re talking about.” or “They’re just jealous of me, because I’m prettier & have everything that they wish they had.” My mean girl past is probably why I always relate to villains more often than heroes in my favorite movies. I also seem to only attract people with similarly shameful pasts. Your shadow will be comprised of negative human emotions & impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, lust, & striving for power. Exploring my shadow was a very scary & painful process, but I’m proud to say that I’ve come out on the other side feeling more authentic, creative, & spiritually enlightened.

Here are three ways I successfully started exploring & healing my shadow self:

Explore your emotions & your emotional triggers

I was bullied as a child, so I grew up having a lot of pride. I never wanted to appear weak or as a pushover. My rising sign is also a Leo, so naturally, my goal has always been to present myself to the world as a confident, regal, & fearless leader. The honest truth is that I have a lot of insecurities. I’m afraid of the dark, & I sleep with a nightlight when I’m alone. I’m afraid of making mistakes & failing, so my perfectionism keeps me stagnant at times. And whenever I’m given a new leadership role or project, I usually go through a bout of imposter syndrome. Early in my career, I would challenge authority figures often, especially if I knew I could manipulate them into getting my way. While I’m not proud of my past, I’m proud to say that I’ve become more self-aware of my emotions & when the actions of others trigger me.

Challenge when you feel “good” or “better” than others & ask yourself why

When I was two & a half years old, my younger brother was born. The attention that I received from my mom & my sister was suddenly stripped away from me, because of the new baby. Subsequently, I hated him! For years, I would push my brother when no one was looking, & I would secretly plot how to get rid of him. Because of this, I also grew up loving attention. I loved getting good grades & awards as a child. I loved being on a stage & performing, whether it was dancing, singing, or even playing sports. I honestly still LOVE when others tell me how much they love & look up to me. I love getting likes on my social media, & I love getting recognized for the hard work that I put into all the different facets of my career. I’ve lived the majority of my life seeking attention & validation from other people. With this shadow aspect of my personality finally brought to light, I’m relieved to say that I am no longer a social media influencer. I purged my personal Instagram & switched it from a Business account to a Personal account, & I’m much happier because of it. Now that I’ve finally stopped seeking love & attention from others, I’m humbled to say that I now proactively give love & attention to myself every day.

Identify your enemies & explore the truth behind your hate

When you hate someone, there is usually something about them that exists in your shadow. I disliked one of my managers for being an unfriendly know-it-all. I hated another one of my managers for not being compassionate or understanding. It wasn’t until I became a people manager myself that I discovered my own struggles with pointing out when people needed more knowledge or training & being more compassionate & understanding to the circumstances of others.

While I’m happy about the progress I’ve made so far, I know that I’ll probably need to continue to do my shadow work for the rest of my life. I can now recognize when I don’t like someone that there’s something about them that is also in me that I still need to address & heal. I can now clearly see when a man has bad intentions towards me & still needs to heal. I’ve accepted that I’m not perfect, & my emotions can & will get the best of me at times. But it’s the self-awareness & effort that I want to put into improving myself that matters the most.

XO Denise

Everything Happens for a Reason

I’ve always been interested in different religions. I even took a Psychology of Religion class when I was in college as an elective. For our final paper, we were asked to write an essay about our personal religious upbringing or lack thereof. Since I’ve already covered that in a past blog, I wanted to explore the religious upbringing of one of my classmates instead. For our final paper, we also had the option to give a formal presentation for extra credit. In her family, her parents left religious beliefs up to her & each of her siblings once they turned 10 years old. Unlike my parents, who chose to baptize me as a Catholic, it was incredibly fascinating. While I enjoyed learning about all of the various religious & non-religious beliefs in that class, the one that stuck with me the most has always been Buddhism.

Here are some basics of Buddhism:

  • Buddha was not a god, a prophet, or any kind of supernatural being. He was born, lived & died, as a normal human.
  • The core of the Buddha’s teachings aka “Dharma” — are The Four Noble Truths:
    1. Suffering exists.
    2. Desire is the cause of suffering.
    3. There is freedom from suffering through the Eightfold Path.
    4. The Eightfold Path is the eight ways of living that will help a Buddhist reach nirvana: right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, & right concentration. This way of life will ensure that you “escape” a rebirth filled with karma.

It is through desire & suffering that humans change for the better or worse. When you’re trapped in chasing after your desires, the universe tends to force you to repeat your behavioral patterns & continue to suffer as many times as it takes for you to learn your lesson. With this in mind, I do believe that people can change, but only on their own terms. Once you’ve grown tired of upsetting yourself or breaking your own heart over & over again, you can either let it consume you, or you can rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

We are not the same people that we were a decade ago, physically, emotionally, or mentally. You can possibly even argue that people can change from minute to minute depending on their current mindset. If I wasn’t already Catholic, I truly would have chosen to be a Buddhist. I believe that everything happens for a reason, & it’s up to us to decide what to do with the lesson that it comes with. 

Who knows… maybe I was even a Buddhist in a past life?

XO Denise