I bet you weren’t expecting a blog post from me today, huh?

On Friday, January 8th, I decided to take a social media detox. That day after work, my mental headspace was exhausted. I was working out at my apartment building’s gym when I suddenly needed to meditate. I literally stopped mid-lat pull-down & closed my eyes. I desperately tried to clear my mind & block out all of the negative emotions being thrown my way while listening to lo-fi music.

About 10 minutes later, I felt more at ease again. I then decided to delete all of my social media apps off of my phone, & I vowed to detox through the end of the weekend, which I extended through yesterday. I literally wrote this blog with a rose gold, polka dot, faux diamond pen, in a floral print notebook to be typed up at a later date.

Since starting my new Divination community, xodenisejoyce, my emotions have become so overwhelming. I decided that I needed to disconnect, relax, spend more time outdoors in nature, & take better care of myself both mentally & physically. Social media is already exhausting at times, but having to manage social media channels from nine to six, Monday through Friday in addition to the social media channels for my side endeavors is even more overwhelming. Especially with my collective now sending their energy my way, I needed to better control which emotions were mine & which ones were not.

The last time I had a true, peaceful, time away from screens was last September. Instead of being attached to my phone for the majority of the weekend, I decided to turn off my phone two evenings in a row & found my peace staring at the flames of a blazing campfire, eating perfectly toasted s’mores, surrounded by trees.

Whatever you need to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, do it! Self-care is so important, especially with the state of the world still in a global pandemic. Personally, I take a bubble bath with Epsom salts surrounded by candles. I also love doing a face mask, eating Ferrero Rocher chocolates, & drinking brut rosé. Today, I even went to the beach & watched the sunset over the ocean.

While I still want to be there for my collective, my mental health will always be my #1 priority. With all the progress I made during the first week of the new year with xodenisejoyce, I took my sudden exhaustion as a sign from above that I needed to slow down & take better care of myself, so I don’t burnout.

Hopefully, this is a helpful reminder to any of you who are struggling with self-care in your own life. Even if you need to push aside someone or something else that you love, you deserve to pause & take time for yourself, every now & then too.

XO Denise