Age is just a number

Growing up, adults have always thought that I was much older than I actually was. For example, my parents’ friends & co-workers would often ask me about high school & if I’ve considered what college I wanted to go to when I graduate, when in reality, I had barely started middle school. I’ve also been catcalled by grown men since I was 14, but that’s a completely different societal issue that I won’t get into right now.

Have any of you watched the Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried movie, In Time? (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy Dystopian, Sci-Fi Action movies.) I’m pretty sure that I stopped aging at 25, just like everyone in that movie. lol If you don’t believe me, check out the the picture above. On the left, I’m 22 years young, & on the right, I’m 32 years old. Yes, there is a 10 year difference between those two photos. Personally, I feel that I look & feel better than ever in my 30s. If you’re wondering what my secret is to aging gracefully, I truly believe that it’s SELF-LOVE.

While loving myself hasn’t always been the easiest, being a former Beauty & Fashion YouTube guru, I learned a lot about self-care. When I’m at home, working out, or camping, I prefer to be fresh-faced & natural. But I will not deny that I need to put my “face” on when leading a meeting for work, going to a social event, or interacting with strangers out in the real world. Because of that, I learned to balance my heavy makeup days with thorough skincare evenings including deep cleansing & hydrating face masks. When using hot tools on my hair, I always use heat protectant & deep condition at least once a week. I also take care of my body with love. I eat clean majority of the time & drink lots of water. I have good hygiene & enjoy keeping my skin well hydrated & moisturized. I also pray & meditate, & I stretch & move my body daily.

I have so many friends & family members who fear getting older, but my age really doesn’t phase me anymore, because I know that I’m still young at heart. At the end of the day, when you’re proactively loving yourself every day, time & age is just an illusion. Try to stay present in the current moment. Laugh, have fun, & learn with the same enthusiasm that you had as a child.

If you’re still feeling a bit skeptical, consider Jennifer Lopez & Salma Hayek. These gorgeous women are both already in their 50s, & they still look AMAZING! By taking care of my body & loving myself with all of my heart, I aspire to look just as good as they do as I continue to age.

I truly believe that your soul shines brighter than anything else in the universe. When you choose to embody love inside & out, the love that you exude from your soul into all aspects of your life makes you more youthful & beautiful beyond the measure of time.

XO Denise