10 Random Facts About Me

The best thing about you is your uniqueness. Even if you’re a twin, there’s no one else on the planet who is YOU. I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block lately, so today, I’m going to share 10 random facts about me. To stay inspired, I find that reconnecting with who I am & what I love is always the best solution to get my creative juices flowing again. These facts are completely random & in no particular order.

When I was in preschool, I pulled the fire alarm, despite being specifically taught that it was not a toy & only for fire emergencies.

When my brother was born, I started to act like a little rebel to get attention. While I was only 3.5 years old, I have a clear memory in my head of asking the yard duty during morning playtime if I could go inside to get the dollhouse that I brought from home that day. As I grabbed my dollhouse from my cubby, I distinctly remember pausing & looking up at the red metal fire alarm. I set my dollhouse down, then climbed on top of the cubby shelves & pulled the alarm trigger. As soon as the alarm sounded, I grabbed my dollhouse & ran out of the side door to escape the scene of the crime. No one knew that I was the one who pulled the alarm, but we had another group discussion about not pulling the fire alarm later that afternoon.

I love learning & school so much that I cry when I’m sick & not able to attend.

From Kindergarten through 8th grade, I attended a private Catholic school, St. Robert’s. I excelled in every subject & was consistently at the top of my class. We had hot lunches every Wednesday, & each grade would rotate computer day, library day, & PE day. In the 5th grade, I had computer class, library, PE, & hot lunch all on Wednesdays. It quickly became my favorite day of the week. This particular Wednesday morning, while my parents were on vacation in the Philippines, I woke up feeling terrible. Ultimately, I threw up & ugly cried to my older cousin, who was watching us while my parents were out of town, about NEEDING to go to school that day. Thinking about all the fun I missed that day still haunts me because I maintained perfect attendance every year that followed.

I didn’t realize that choosing to not do your homework was an option until high school.

I’m a proud nerd who always did her homework, reading, & class projects as soon as she got home from school. The only thing I procrastinated with was writing essays, but I’ve always been a good writer. I usually form a general outline of what I want to write in my head then bust out a paper in as little as 30 minutes the night before the writing assignment was due. Other kids proactively choosing to not do their homework was foreign to me, until I went to a public high school. The way teachers would publicly shame kids for not doing their homework in front of the entire class still irks me to this day.

I love BRUNCH!

It’s a favorite weekend pastime of mine to skip early morning breakfast to combine breakfast & lunch together while drinking bottomless mimosas, foamy cappuccinos, or spicy bloody marys with friends. If anyone wants to grab a meal with me to catch up, brunch is ALWAYS my first suggestion. I’ve even hosted themed brunches for my friends.

If there’s a breakfast burrito available on the brunch menu, I’m ordering it.

My love of breakfast burritos starts with my memory of getting McDonald’s breakfast with my paternal grandmother. I used to sleep over at her apartment over the weekend with my siblings, & on the mornings that we’d go out for breakfast, I always order the two sausage burrito meal with a hash brown & a small orange juice. In fact, if I’m ever getting McDonald’s breakfast now as an adult, I still order the same thing. Brunch menus can be overwhelming, especially when I’m trying out a new place. As a rule of thumb, if there’s ever a breakfast burrito on the menu, I think of my grandmother as if she’s helping me make a decision & order it in her memory.

My favorite breakfast meat is a circle sausage patty.

When I used to live with my brother, he used to always wake up early to cook us breakfast. Over meals, my brother & I would always get into random topics & deep conversations. One morning we discussed our favorite breakfast meats & that’s how I discovered that I love sausages, but even more so when they’re shaped in a circle rather than the standard sausage link. I even prefer to buy a sausage roll to create my own circle sausage patties to create that perfect sear on each side. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I love deep conversations & hate small talk.

Piggybacking off of my previous fact, I hate small talk i.e. “How’s work?” & “What are you up to this weekend?” Instead, I’d rather talk to people about things with real substance, so that we can get to know each other on a deeper level. Once, my brother & I discussed which level of hell we belong in based on Dante’s Inferno, while I watched him play the Dante’s Inferno video game on PlayStation. I love learning about another person on a deeper level. I love how everyone thinks & sees themselves in a different way, so I prefer to get a glimpse into a person’s true nature by seeing the way their mind works through a deep discussion.

As a former bank teller, I organize the cash in my wallet by aligning the president faces in the same direction.

I hate when someone hands me cash & the bills are unorganized & facing every which way. I immediately restack the cash that I’ve been handed before placing it in my wallet. I’m also usually the go-to when combining cash when planning to pay for a large group at a restaurant. I’m always able to quickly collect everyone’s cash, reorganize the bills, count the bills effortlessly, & give anyone change with ease as needed. If anyone is considering being a bank teller, I say go for it! I learned so many valuable professional skills in my three years as a bank teller.

I always fold my laundry straight out of the dryer & put it away immediately.

While I prefer to keep my spaces clean & tidy, I tend to get lazy when it comes to my laundry.  Washing & drying is not the problem… it’s folding, hanging, & putting my clothes away that gets to me. In the past, when I didn’t fold my laundry straight out of the dryer, my clothes would end up staying unfolded, wrinkled & sitting in a hamper for a week or even worse, until my next laundry day came around because I would just pull whatever I need from the clean hamper. By folding & putting everything away straight out of the dryer, my clothes are always wrinkle-free & neatly organized.

I prefer the aisle seat when traveling.

Most people love the window seat, but the aisle seat has so many more perks in my opinion. I’m a very light sleeper, & I have sleep apnea. I’m usually not able to sleep on long flights, so I love that I can freely get up to use the bathroom or stretch my legs without disturbing anyone. I also have more legroom with the aisle once drinks, snacks, & meals have been served.

I hope these 10 random facts about me give you all a deeper look into my mind & allow you to feel like you know me better. Personally, I feel like I have the best meditations, readings, & sound baths with people that I feel I really know as opposed to a stranger that I’ve never interacted with.

When you exchange energy with someone, it allows them to feel more connected with you & you’re both able to effortlessly tap into each other’s energy. With that said, I hope that this glimpse into my past, who I am, & what I love compels you to book a personal reading because you feel closer to me. Always embrace who you are & what you love. No one else gets to tell your story, so share it as often as possible to anyone who will listen.

XO Denise