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My Daily Gratitude List

Every day, I take a moment to list all of the things I’m grateful for in a daily gratitude list. I find that when I give thanks for everything that I’ve been blessed with, it allows me to make even more room for good things to enter my life. Today, I want to publicly share what I’m thankful for in hopes that it inspires you to remember how lucky you are every day as well.

My Typical Daily Gratitude List

I am grateful for…

  • My Life
  • Being in good health
  • My Family
  • Having great Friends
  • My cutie pug, Pogi
  • Having an apartment
  • Access to clean, drinking water
  • Having food in my fridge
  • My gifts
  • XOdenisejoyce Divination Community on Instagram & Twitter
  • My blog readers, social media followers, & YouTube channel subscribers
  • The gym in my apartment building
  • Having a Peloton bike in the apartment gym
  • The rooftop pool to swim laps in
  • Having money in my bank accounts
  • My car

Key Takeaways

If you notice, I usually list the things I’m grateful for in order of importance. I am thankful to be alive first & foremost. Without my life, I wouldn’t be here on Earth period. Then, I give thanks to the people & pets in my life, because I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I then continue to list the basic human necessities that we all need to live a decent life, i.e. my home, water, food, etc. The remaining list items are specific to me & are special, not necessities, but I’m grateful to have them because others in the world aren’t as lucky.

Do you list the things you’re grateful for every day? If not, what would be on your list? I’d love to discuss your thoughts on my daily gratitude list in the comments.

XO Denise

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