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What’s in a Name?

In Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Romeo says the famous line “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name¬†would smell as sweet.” But even though it is Shakespeare, whom I consider brilliant & inspiring, I must disagree. Because to me, our names, whether we’re fully aware of it or not, ultimately become our identity.

The Meaning of my Name

Last week, I tweeted about the meaning of my name. (Be sure to follow me on Twitter for more content between my Monday & Friday blog posts!) My full name means “joyful, unique, visionary, who is dedicated to the universe.” I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Upon my birth, my parents struggled with naming me, so I was temporarily referred to as Baby Girl V. My informal medical records listed Joyce Katherine at one point in time, but it wasn’t until about a year after my birth that my mom settled on Denise Joyce.

Becoming Denise Joyce

Denise Joyce is who I am, both literally & figuratively. And recently discovering the meaning of my full name makes perfect sense to me. Denise means “dedicated to God”, & while I do believe in God as a Catholic, I tweaked the meaning a bit in my definition above to be more inclusive to the beliefs of everyone in the world. My middle name Joyce means joyful, cheerful, or merry. And my last name, which I will not disclose for privacy purposes, means unique or visionary.

The three definitions of my name perfectly describe me. I do my best to always give off positive vibes to every person I meet: Joyce. I felt different from others growing up, but I’ve always been fine doing my own thing & creating the future that I want for myself: Unique, Visionary. And now, after my Dark Night of the Soul & Spiritual Awakening, I am dedicated to raising the vibration of the universe: Denise.

What’s in a Name?

Let’s go back to Romeo’s soliloquy about Juliet, as he stalked her from beneath her balcony. If Juliet had a different name, maybe Romeo would have been less deterred from pursuing her. But isn’t it human nature to want what you can’t have? If Juliet was any other easily available, beautiful girl, maybe he wouldn’t have gone after her. Maybe their tragic love story wouldn’t even play out. In terms of beauty, yes, Juliet’s beauty would have remained the same no matter what her surname was, but let’s not forget that Romeo was also “in love” with Juliet’s cousin, Rosaline, at the beginning of the play.

Anyone can have a beautiful face or a unique name, but it’s in our choices, the way that we become & own our names, & carry ourselves that creates our ultimate story. There’s a reason why parents take so much time choosing the perfect name for a child. Do you know what your name means? Do you think it accurately represents who you are as a person? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.

XO Denise

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Life Path Numbers

In last week’s blog post, I briefly mentioned life path numbers, but I don’t think I mentioned that I’m a life path number 1. People with a life path number of 1 are natural-born leaders. They have a pioneer spirit that’s full of creative energy. In these past few months, I’ve attracted individuals from my past, from all walks of life, who applaud my ability to embrace who I am & freely share it with the world. Today, I’m going to teach you how to determine your own number then go into more details about understanding it.

How to Determine Your Life Path Number

First off, if you’re not good or don’t particularly enjoy doing math, you can use the calculator here. For my fellow math nerds, your life path number is determined by adding the numerical values of your birth date.

Here’s an example using my own birthday, January 2nd, 1987:

  • Month = 1
  • Day = 2
  • Year = 1987
  • 1 + 2 + ((1 + 9 + 8 + 7) = 25)
  • 1 + 2 + ((2 + 5) = 7)
  • 1 + 2 + 7 = 10
  • 1 + 0 = 1
  • My Life Path Number = 1

Living According to My Life Path Number

As I mentioned, individuals with a life path number of 1 are natural-born leaders, & 100% believe this to be true. When I was a little girl, I told anyone who would listen that I wanted to be the President of the United States. While my career path hasn’t taken me into politics, I held several leadership positions growing up. I took Leadership as an elective in high school, & I was my Sophomore Class President. I also founded my high school’s Filipino Club (PUSO, “Pilipino Unified Student Organization”, which means heart in Tagalog).

Being a pioneer spirit filled with creative energy holds true for me as well, because I love any & all creative outlets! I started dancing when I was three years old. I also love to color, draw, & paint. Writing is obviously a passion of mine as well. In college, I was part of the inaugural class of the University of California, Merced. As a class, we were known as “pioneers”. Since my Dark Night of the Soul & spiritual awakening, nothing is a coincidence to me anymore. It’s simply proof that I am living my life’s purpose & soul mission.

What’s Your Life Path Number?

Do you have any significant signs that you are living it? If not, do you want to? What can you be doing differently to stay on your life path?

Reflecting on my past has brought to light that I always feel the most fulfilled when I’m in a leadership role. I love empowering & inspiring others to be their most authentic self, & I’m not afraid to be a pioneer & venture on my own. Being able to express my creativity also fills my life with immense joy.

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

XO Denise

Prime Day 2021 Deals!

For the next two days, Amazon is featuring amazing deals! Prime Day 2021 Deals started at 12 am PT on Monday, June 21, & it runs through 11:59 pm PT on Tuesday, June 22. As someone who loves online shopping, but actually just adds things to my cart waiting for the items that I want to go on sale, now is the time to finally check out! To celebrate Prime Day 2021, here’s a list of my favorite Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals below!

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you don’t have a smart TV & cannot afford to buy a new smart TV anytime soon, an Amazon Fire Stick is the perfect solution to turn your regular TV into a smart TV. Last Christmas, I gifted one to my parents to turn their TV into a SMART TV. Now, they can stream Disney+, Hulu, Nextflix, & other streaming services directly from their current TV.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot 4th Gen

My Dad gifted an Echo Dot to me as a Christmas/Birthday gift this year. I had wanted one for a little while, so I was excited to finally get my hands on one. On a typical day, I use my Echo to play meditation music while I do Zoom readings, & I tell Alexa to add items to my grocery list. I can even connect it to my iRobot Roomba to tell my Roomba to start vacuuming when I see my Pogi’s pug hair starting to accumulate in between my regular cleaning schedule.

iRobot Roomba

iRobot Rooma i6+

As the perfect segway, I LOVE my iRobot Roomba! As someone who likes to keep my home neat & tidy as well as someone who owns a pug who sheds A LOT, I like to run my Roomba regularly. As opposed to a standard vacuum cleaner, my Roomba does all the hard work for me. All I have to do is empty it once the cleaning job is complete.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Genius X Electric Toothbrush

During the COVID-19 lockdown, my Oral B electronic toothbrush was my dental health savior. I love brushing, flossing, using a fluoride mouthwash, as well as whitening charcoal regularly. If you haven’t added an electronic toothbrush to your daily dental hygiene routine, I highly recommend it! Your teeth will also thank you in the long run when you’re not paying hundreds of dollars for deep cleaning.

23andMe Health & Ancestry Kit

Health & Ancestry Service Kit

I’ve wanted to do the 23andMe Health & Ancestry service for the longest time. While I’m mainly Filipino, I know that I have Spanish & Portuguese in my bloodline as well. In terms of health, it’d be great to have that information as well to ensure that I stay on top of potential health issues in the future, such as hypertension & diabetes.

Orgain Organic Protein

This is my FAVORITE chocolate protein powder! It’s delicious. When I was more strict about my diet, I would blend 2 scoops of this powder with PB2, cold coffee, almond or oat milk, a banana, & ice. It was my favorite breakfast smoothie for years! It’s delicious & packed with protein to keep me full until lunch.

Waterpik Water Flosser

Waterpik Water Flosser

I absolutely love to floss! (Here’s my favorite floss btw!) But I know that it’s not the same for everyone, when I was younger, my childhood dentist recommended a Waterpik as an alternative to flossing. If you don’t like flossing, a WaterPik may be a great option for you instead. Another tip is to floss BEFORE you brush your teeth. If you’re already good about brushing your teeth, choosing to floss before you brush your teeth helps ensure that you do it!

COSORI Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

I LOVE MY AIR FRYER! It’s a great way to not only make healthy & tasty meals, but I also use mine to hard boil eggs as an afternoon snack! While I love to cook, I know that it’s not for everyone. But an air fryer is a great way to cook healthy meals without as much effort & sweating over a stove or an oven.

Furbo Dog Camera

I’ve been blessed with being able to work from home since March 2020, but when I do have to leave my home, I love having my Furbo to keep an eye on my Pogi. My Furbo notifies me of any barking & I can talk to him to calm him down as well as give him treats while I’m away from home.

GoPro Camera

GoPro Hero8

I’ve always wanted a GoPro! I’ve gone snorkeling with Sharks in Thailand & sea turtles in Hawaii. Last year, I even went sky diving. If I could go back in time & do these things over again with a GoPro to capture the epic moments, I would do it in a heartbeat.

So that’s it! Have you found any other great Prime Day 2021 Deals that you would recommend? Feel free to list them in a comment below! Happy Prime Day 2021 shopping!

XO Denise

My Akashic Records

In January, I woke up one morning feeling compelled to book an Akashic Records reading with Camila of Camaya Healing. To put it simply, the Akashic Records are a vast database of what will happen, is happening, or has happened in all the co-existing universes. I was eager to learn about my past lives, so this was a sign from the universe to finally book a reading. And so that morning, I scheduled my Akashic Records General Reading for Friday, 1/22/21 at 8 am PST.

I did a lot of research before my Akashic Records reading to ensure that I got the most out of the experience. I also took the time to write down a list of questions that I wanted to ask. The overall experience was amazing, enlightening, & I highly recommend it if you’re particularly curious about your past lives too. Here are the questions & answers from my Akashic Records reading:

Who are my Spirit Guides/Ascended Masters?

My two primary ascended masters are Kuan Yin & Chang’e. Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion, love, healing & abundance. Chang’e is the moon goddess of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Feel free to Google their individual stories, but if I feel compelled, I may also write future blog posts on each of them as well. Since discovering Kuan Yin & Chang’e, I speak to them by name & ask them directly to help clarify the messages I receive during my intuitive card readings.

How many past lives do I have?

I have lived 33 lives. I originated as an Andromedan Starseed from the Andromeda galaxy, & my soul reincarnated here on Earth to help humanity. In another significant past life, I lived as an Astrologer in the middle east & spoke Hebrew. I wanted to teach Astrology, specifically how the positioning of the stars & planets affect human behavior & what is happening in the world. Obviously, at that time in history, people did not want to listen to me, so I was banished to the desert to live alone because of my “devil” work.

What are my gifts?

As I predicted, I am an empath. I am also a psychic healer who can see, hear, & feel the energy surrounding a person’s situation using my intuition. Being able to see aura colors is another gift that I possess, & I’m also able to do candle spell work, which is something that I still haven’t tapped into.

How can I use my gifts to benefit the world & humanity?

According to the Akashic Records, I’ve already started by sharing my blog posts, creating my new Instagram community: xodenisejoyce, as well as my offering my intuitive card readings. But in order to get to the next level of my journey, I need to have faith & believe in this new venture. As a psychic healer, I help others heal their hearts & minds with my gifts. In the past, I struggled to stay consistent with projects. This is what I’m meant to do now, which is why creating new content feels effortless. All I have to do is trust in my abilities & continue to take the leap of faith.

Are you interested in learning about your past lives & personal Akashic Records? If so, please do check out the offerings at Camaya Healing, & let Camila know that I sent you. I highly recommend, Camila. Not only do we share the same birthday, but she’s also such an inspiring & beautiful soul.

XO Denise

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Math Is Magic

I love math! To anyone who hates math, I ask you to recognize how often you use math every single day. Do you snooze your alarm when it goes off in the morning? You actually use math to determine how many times you can snooze & still have enough time to get ready before you’re running late. Do you love to go shopping? You use math to identify the best sales & optimize your ability to get the most items based on how much money you have in your bank account. Do you like to go out to restaurants or order food for delivery? You use math to decide how much you can afford to order, how much to tip, or how to divide the check among your friends & family. You use math without even thinking about it because math is magic.

Math is a Language

To me, learning math is similar to learning a language. After taking many math courses in colleges, I learned how as long as you understood a mathematical theory, you didn’t even need numbers to find the correct answers. My boyfriend in college would often watch me do my homework unable to understand how I could start with a long & complicated math formula with no numbers to still reach a numerical answer, such as 7.

Math proficiency is actually a superpower that runs in my family. My father is a civil engineer Dad, and my great-grandmother is the first female chemical engineer in the Philippines. Math & Numerology have always been a topic of conversation during family dinners. We discuss Life Path Numbers of different members of our family, as well as the meanings behind each number.

My Math Journey

In grade school, I finished my tests within minutes then spent the rest of the test time drawing on the back. During high school, I was a math tutor. In college, I was the nerd in Calculus who aced the exam without the curve. In college, I almost switched my major from Psychology to Mathematics. But after taking a Game Theory class, I fell in love & decided on Economics instead. My final project evaluating the Game Theory that the Joker uses in The Dark Knight is still a memorable favorite of my time in college.

Even though my primary career history has never involved analytics or too much math, I still proactively find ways to use math a lot. As a bank teller, I mastered my 10-key, & I can still count out cash & make change with ease. As a manager, I’m a fan of giving my team members performance metrics, so they can see how their work fluctuates week over week. And any opportunity to pick up a side project to improve the greater team’s current analytics, I jump at it.

In terms of my blog & social media channels, I’m also obsessed with looking at my insights to see the performance of every single piece of content that I post. I’m incredibly data-driven because numbers don’t lie! I always make note of my daily, weekly, & monthly metrics to create my baseline performance metrics & create new goals for myself over the next week, month, & year.

Why Math is Magic

Nearly everyone around the world uses math every day. And as Cady Heron put it in Mean Girls, “it’s the same in every country”. Even if you don’t speak another language, people around the world are easily able to convert currency, because, despite varying exchange rates, the mathematical conversion will ALWAYS be the same.

Scientists around the world use the same mathematical equations whether it’s a natural science, engineering, medicine, or finance. Determining the success or failure of a company is math. Math is magic because it brings the world together without even trying.

XO Denise

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Interviewing My Tarot Cards

I came across this Tarot spread on Pinterest a few months ago about interviewing my Tarot cards, & it immediately fascinated me. While some of you may believe that inanimate objects don’t have a soul or energy, considering that I use my cards almost every day as a tool to channel my intuition, I consider my Tarot card decks to be more of a co-worker or even a business partner, unlike a desk or office chair. With that in mind, it seems only natural to want to do an interview with them.

My Interview with my Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle
  1. The Deck (Queen of Wands)
    • My Modern Witch Tarot deck is bold, intuitive, & in touch with both dark & light energies.
  2. How the deck wants to be used (The World)
    • It wants to travel the world with me to help humanity close out their toxic cycles & heal their hearts.
  3. What the deck thinks of You (Nine of Cups reversed)
    • My deck thinks I focus on teaching others how to improve their inner happiness right now. It also thinks I’m manifesting for the good of everyone in the world rather than focusing on what I want right now.
  4. Collaboration (Two of Pentacles)
    • It wants to collaborate by keeping my priorities in alignment. It wants me to ensure I manage my time & adapt as needed.
  5. Mindset (Three of Pentacles)
    • My deck’s mindset is collaborative. It’s open to the implementation of new Tarot decks & practices as I continue to learn.
  6. Cleansing (Knight of Pentacles)
    • It encourages me to cleanse by working hard to stay productive, but it also wants me to establish a routine, be conservative with my energy, & rest as needed.
  7. Meditation (Four of Swords)
    • It wants me to rest, relax, & meditate. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I need to remember to relax.
  8. Ritual (Five of Pentacles reversed)
    • By rejecting my gifts in the past, I went through a spiritual awakening, to bring myself out of spiritual poverty.

My Interview with my Tarot of Sexual Magic Deck

Tarot of Sexual Magic by Laura Tuan
  1. The Deck (Queen of Wands)
    • My Tarot of Sexual Magic deck is fiery, passionate, & expressive.
  2. How the Deck wants to be used (Temperance reversed)
    • It wants to help individuals self-heal by encouraging balancing their emotions.
  3. What the Deck thinks of you (The Fool)
    • My deck sees me as confident, positive, & unstoppable. Conflict & haters can’t shake me anymore. I know who I am, what is for me, & what is not.
  4. Collaboration (Three of Chalices reversed)
    • It does not want to collaborate with other Tarot decks. It only wants to work with the necessary oracle cards to help individuals face their problems & break toxic behaviors.
  5. Mindset (The Sun)
    • My deck is filled with positivity & good vibes. It wants to help bring happiness to others.
  6. Cleansing (Seven of Swords)
    • It wants to inspire individuals to move on to happier days after betrayal. It only takes courage to embrace the next chapter towards their new freedom.
  7. Meditation (Seven of Chalices)
    • My deck wants to remind me to take things slowly. My intuition will continue to blossom over time.
  8. Ritual (The Moon)
    • It wants to be recharged under the Full Moon, & it wants to be used regularly around the lunar calendar.

The Overall Outcome

Overall, interviewing my Tarot card decks was very enlightening. It’s fascinating that both of my Tarot decks identify as the Queen of Swords. I do hope to buy more Tarot & Oracle decks in the future. I know that each deck will be different & want to be used in different ways, so I’m very eager to interview all my future decks too.

Do you read Tarot or use Oracle cards? Have you interviewed your cards or would you consider interviewing them in the future? Let me know in a comment below.

XO Denise