My Spiritual Journey Towards My Higher Self

Even though some of you may think that I look a lot younger, I actually turn 34 today. Going into my 34th year around the sun, I’m very happy & excited to say that I am currently on a spiritual journey towards my higher self. 

The lessons I learned in 2020 taught me a lot about who I am & enlightened me towards my higher purpose in life. Through my pain & healing this year, I was forced to reflect inward & identify what truly makes me happiest. During my reflection, I rediscovered my innate ability to empathize, understand, & inspire others. 

There’s nothing I love more than helping other people become their best self while also simply being my best self. It’s amazing how sharing my stories, my workouts, & my meals have the ability to inspire change in others who are struggling with loving themselves. My life long goal has always been to inspire others to embrace their unique self & make self-love & self-confidence contagious.

With this discovery, I spent all day yesterday creating a new plan of action to embrace what makes me truly happy & continue to inspire others in a way that fulfills not only myself but also creates an inspirational, supportive community for others.

If you’re wondering at all, I’ve always been a fan of Divination. In high school, I taught myself how to read palms, & I quickly became obsessed with sharing my Palmistry knowledge with others. Being reminded of that time in my life, I was recently inspired to teach myself how to read Tarot cards. 

Through connecting with others who were also trying to heal on Instagram, I suddenly found myself being pulled into a new Tarot Soul Tribe. After connecting with these amazing like-minded people, I decided to create a new Instagram account: xodenisejoyce last month!

Even though I’ve only made a few posts so far, as I continue to explore Tarot, other forms of Cartomancy, & Divination overall, I’m hopeful that I can inspire & help others on their own healing journey. I need to start getting ready to head to the gym & get my 34th birthday started now. 🙂

I truly hope you’re as excited as I am about this new Divination endeavor! If you are, please feel free to let me know in a comment below.

XO Denise

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